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Chavo Crepes is the only place in Barrie where you can get authentic french crepes. Our crepes are made fresh with zero dairy products. From breakfast crepes to savory crepes and sweet crepes for desert, you can also enjoy a salad with your crepe. We started in 2013 selling crepes downtown Barrie at the Farmers' Market with two crepe makers a couple tables and a tent. We would serve Ham and Cheese crepes to the adults and sweet crepes to the kids. Our success led to a crepe food truck on Owen Street and finally a Dunlop Street restaurant which opened August 2014. Fast foward 3 years and Chavo Crepes is a popular downtown dining establishment. Apart from being versatile our crepes are healthy and delicious, we use fresh ingredients and nothing is prepared ahead of time, each crepe is made fresh to order. People love how fast they can be prepared, you can come in for a meal and be out very quickly which suits people with a time limit.

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(705) 503-1244
74 Dunlop St E, Barrie, ON L4M 1A4
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